The Program


6-Month Program

Clients benefit greatly from a long-term coaching program for many reasons. Six months is enough time for a client and a coach to build a strong rapport, allowing the Health Coach to learn enough about their client to observe patterns and habits, test a number of coaching methods, and to see what fit will best suit the client’s needs.

In this time, clients will commit to a number of small lifestyle changes, and each one takes time to build into a daily routine. Time allows the coach and her client to modify and increase the appropriate action steps to suit the needs of each client.

Making drastic and sudden lifestyle changes is often not sustainable, so the focus is on making a number of small and subtle changes, which will last a lifetime, naturally.

Six months is also long enough for a client to endure great successes and failures, periods of high energy and those of low motivation. It is enough time for a client to accommodate to changing seasons and often to celebrate large accomplishments, as well as suffer losses. A coach is there to offer support through each of these phases, acting as a lifeline, a grounding force, confidante, and motivator. The coach holds her client accountable to their commitments, increasing the likelihood of success and longevity therein.

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