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My goals for my 6 Month Program were to increase my nutrition with cancer-fighting foods, organize my time more wisely, and to live in balance, finding “me” again. Coach Noel helped me sort and make sense of my actions and feelings. She gave me a lot of info to really think about and apply, and she’s a great listener. 

I have noticed a big shift in my clarity in thinking and reorganizing my daily life. I’ve learned to say “no” and make changes that are positive to me. The most significant change I’ve noticed is the way I feel about myself- I’m calmer and much more focused. I take time to be grateful and not sweat small things.

If I were to describe Noel to a stranger, I’d say that she is vibrant, aware, intuitive and a wonderful listener. She’s a natural at this profession, her ideas and comments are clear and heartfelt. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for even the smallest change in their lifestyle, whether it’s nutrition, health, lifestyle, or organization.

My life has changed in such an amazing and positive way since I began my work with Coach Noel. I look forward to our sessions and cherish all of the wonderful and important gifts she has given me.

Karen, – Sebastopol, CA

Coach Noel is inspiring. Her techniques, recommendations, and overall attitude left me feeling heard, acknowledged and truly helped. After visiting with her for only one session, I felt empowered and enthusiastic about my brand new health and lifestyle goals! A must for anyone looking to make great leaps forward.

California Guild of Alchemists, – Santa Rosa, CA

When I started with Ward Wellness my top goals were to exercise more and lose weight. Coach Noel has been inspirational, making me more accountable with her constant positivity and follow-ups. I have increased my exercise, shed some pounds, and even found a more optimistic outlook which has led me to try new things, like meditation and learning Ayurveda. On top of the basics, like eating more greens and staying hydrated, I have an increased desire to exercise and feel adventurous toward life. Coach Noel is intuitive, inspiring, resourceful, uplifting, kind and empathetic. She is organized, creative, and exudes health- she really walks the talk! I just can’t express my gratitude adequately and would recommend her to anyone- everyone. This experience has gone beyond my expectations!

Debbie, – Sebastopol, CA