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Over the last 4 years, I have been on a path toward self-betterment and holistic wellness, and am so grateful I found my calling in Health Coaching.

All my life I’ve been called a “pillar of strength,” “natural leader” and someone to cry to, though I always wondered how to apply those strengths and qualities in a satisfying career. I went from event planning to acting, promotional modeling to recreation administration and more. As I moved along these varied paths, my immense desire to help others became more demanding and I realized I needed to focus on work which benefits others and my community, as well as myself.

I have spent a lot of time exploring with foods, exercise and personal wellness, while studying dietary theory and coaching techniques. Not only did I enjoy my time and the results, but also my excitement to share this with others has grown.

My personal vow is to meet each client where they are, and develop whatever program seems best suited to their individual needs, with kindness and compassion. Work is set at the clients’ pace, based on the clients’ needs, and my goal with each person is to uplift them to the best of my ability. I care, I listen, and I hold my clients accountable for the actions they commit to, and I celebrate their successes and the lifelong changes they achieve! Let that client be you.