Health & life coaching

Your Path to a Healthier & Happier Future


At Ward Wellness, our health and life coaches will guide you toward optimal health. We’ll help you identify goals you would like to attain in health, wealth, fitness, relationships, career, diet, or spirituality, and we’ll mentor you through the necessary steps. Clear expectations and standards are maintained within a space of intuition and encouragement. Our clients are held accountable through the process of self-development and empowerment in a safe and supportive environment. Each program is designed for the individual at an affordable cost that provides high impact. You will receive gentle and creative guidance toward transitions that yield life-long results.

Coach Noel

My personal vow is to meet you where you are and develop whatever program seems best suited to your individual needs. I proceed at your pace with kindness and compassion to help you achieve your targeted goals.

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Integrative Nutrition

It is easy to overlook all of the things that contribute to our sense of nourishment and fulfillment. It is not only the food we eat that affects our health but also all of the other factors present in our daily lives.

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The Program

In addition to bi-weekly sessions, you’ll receive thoughtful gifts and tools to help your transitions, and you’ll receive invitations to workshops, events and other activities specific to your needs and desires.

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DebbieDebbie – Sebastopol, CA
When I started with Ward Wellness my top goals were to exercise more and lose weight. Coach Noel has been inspirational, making me more accountable ...
Debbie Debbie Sebastopol, CA
I just can't express my gratitude adequately and would recommend Coach Noel to anyone - everyone. This experience has gone beyond my expectations!
Karen Karen – Sebastopol, CA
My goals for my 6 Month Program were to increase my nutrition with cancer-fighting foods, organize my time more wisely, and to live in balance, ...
California Guild of AlchemistsCalifornia Guild of Alchemists – Santa Rosa, CA
Coach Noel is inspiring. Her techniques, recommendations, and overall attitude left me feeling heard, acknowledged and truly helped. After visiting with her for only one ...